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2/26nm Snowflake Deer cashmere yarn W5056
2/26nm Snowflake Deer cashmere yarn W5056

2/26nm Snowflake Deer cashmere yarn W5056

30% cashmere+45%wool+25%(chinlon+viscose)

Gauge suggested:12GG,9GG

MOQ: 1kg/color for stock,100kg/color for customer service


This fashion yarn was developed in 2015,hot selling from the beginning of 2016.
Sweater knitted at this yarn, small colorful spots would be uniform distributed in all the fabric. Stylists can design

many fashion sweaters according different colorful spots.

All the 2/26nm yarns has this colorful spots series.
5 colors for 100% cashmere yarn normal grade,
2 colors for 100% cashmere yarn M grade,
7 colors for 80%cashmere+20%(lyocell+viscose)
8 colors for Snowflake deer cashmere yarn



About cashmere
Cashmere is called “soft gold”,”diamond fiber”, the most expensive fiber in nature.
Cashmere originated in the Himalayan regions of Central and Southwest Asia. Over centuries, cashmere goats have spread
to various other mountainous areas, most notably in China and Mongolia.Goats thrive in adverse conditions, growing
thick coats for cold mountain winters. In the spring, the cashmere goats are combed for the downy under-layer of
cashmere fibers. These fibers are finer than the finest wool, and exceptionally soft and lofty.
Cashmere, resulting from removing animal grease, dirt and coarse hairs from the fleece, is estimated at about 6,500
tons per year. It is estimated that on average yearly production per goat is 150 grams (about 1/3 lb).So, a sweater
needs sourced from 3-4 goats.


How to avoid pilling

For a cashmere sweater, the most common problem is pilling.
So we need treat them carefully.
For a new cashmere sweater, it needs washing after wearing 3-4 days, because we need remove the pilling away by
washing. There are short cashmere fibers on the sweater surface, after friction with coat or zip, it will be pilling.
After first washing, wear 3-4 days, even you love the sweater so much, but it needs rest to recover elasticity. So, you
need change to wear the other sweater. It need washing after 1 week’s dressing.
A good cashmere sweater can still keep fresh after 3-4 years’ wearing.
When you wear cashmere sweater, make sure your coat lining is smooth. Avoiding friction with the hard, like zip,
handbag, key etc .


Make sure sweaters are clean before storing. Moths and bugs are attracted to dirt and oils left by stains and
perspiration. Fold neatly (never hang sweaters) and if you prefer to use tissue paper in the folds, make sure it’s
acid-free. With sweaters in a breathable container such as a muslin bag, store in a cool dry location away from
sunlight. Mothballs may be effective, but there are far more pleasant alternatives such as cedar wood and lavender. Do
not put these directly next to sweaters to avoid stains.


How to washing cashmere sweater by hand
1.Clean your sink first and fill it up with lukewarm water.
2.Choose a mild detergent for your sweater. Add small amounts of it to the sink and mix it evenly with your hands.
3.Put your cashmere sweater in the sink and wet it so that the detergent is soaking the sweater. Be gentle and don't
rub it hard with your hands because you don't want to damage the fibers or structures of the sweater.
4.Let the sweater soak in the detergent water for a while, 10-15 minutes.
5.Rinse the sweater by using several batches of lukewarm water to wash off all the detergent.
6.Lift from sweater from the rinse water once it's free of detergent. Lay it flat on a towel and roll it up to squeeze
out most of its water. Let the cashmere sweater dry on the towel.

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