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Why People Would Like to Choose Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere sweater is the raw material of cashmere, cashm […]

Cashmere sweater is the raw material of cashmere, cashmere different from the wool, wool growth in the sheep body, cashmere only grow in the goat. Generally speaking, cashmere only refers to the cashmere in terms of. Sheep and no cashmere, many people on the sheep who is somewhat similar to the cashmere characteristics of fine wool called "cashmere", in fact, confused the concept of cashmere and wool. Cashmere is the world's rare rare special animal fiber, textile industry, high-grade raw materials, was hailed as "fiber diamonds", "soft gold." From the goat who cut down the fluff fiber, known as cashmere, referred to as cashmere. It is the goat in the winter, in order to resist the cold in the goat hair roots at the growth of a layer of fine and rich fluff, grow into the cold winter, to resist the cold, spring after the fall off, naturally adapt to the climate. The more cold the climate, the more rich cashmere, the more thin fiber.

Cashmere sweater soft, suede full, warm and good, strong moisture absorption, glossy natural soft, comfortable, elegant and luxurious, unique style, feel luxurious and elegant, multiplier charm, to get warm and enjoy the elegant demeanor, is the people The pursuit of high-end clothing perfect ideal to share.

Cashmere sweater pure cashmere sweater and blended cashmere sweater. Pure cashmere sweater should contain 100% of the cashmere fiber, taking into account the cashmere fiber morphology and non-man-made mixed with wool factors, the finished product of cashmere fiber content of 95% and above, can be regarded as 100% cashmere. Pure cashmere sweater of the fiber composition logo, can be marked as 100% cashmere. Blended cashmere sweater in the other fiber components are limited to silk, wool and other animal fibers and cotton, hemp and other natural plant fiber. Cashmere sweater of the organizational structure to single-sided, there are jacquard and fat flower organization.

Cashmere sweater popular strong autumn and winter cashmere sweater color more and more rich, more and more fashionable. Pure thoroughly, gray subtle. Rich colors, easier to match. The highest rate is white, black and gray. Style first half of the collar, double lapel collar, large V collar, side collar, round neck, collar collar. Deformation large V collar fashion subtle, more beautiful.