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Why Cashmere Sweater is So Expensive


Cashmere is very soft and people would like to wear cas […]

Cashmere is very soft and people would like to wear cashmere sweater, hat, scarf and use other wool product such as woolen blanket. Cashmere is a soft luxury fiber prized for warm, soft, and beautiful sweaters, scarves, and hats. In order to be considered authentic, the fiber must come from the hairs of the cashmere goat, an animal originally introduced to Westerners by the area of Asia known as Kashmir. When the British took control of Kashmir in the 1800s, they began exporting the fiber to Europe, creating intense demand which continues to this day. In addition to being beautiful, it is also infamous for being very expensive, due to the labor intense process used to create garments made from it.

Limited Production: India, China and, some parts of Europe are the only places where cashmere wool is produced. With a global production of below 7000 metric tons, its production is much lower than regular sheep wool.

Labor Intensive: The look and feel of an cashmere garment depends extensively on the processing of the wool. It takes a lot of hard work right from sheering the goats to separating and sorting each hair strands individually by hand. It takes a skilled labor months to prepare wool for a single sweater.

High Demand: Cashmere wool is extremely warm, light and soft and it has been in high demand ever since it was first discovered thousands of years ago. Today it's bought by designers and clothes manufacturers to make premium high quality winter wear. However, because of the low production they have to shell out big bucks to buy cashmere wool.

Season Specific: Cashmere goats are only sheered during their molting season in spring. The spring season provides a limited window of opportunity to sheer the hair and produce the wool. This further slows down the production process making the wool difficult to obtain. Due to this slow production rate, the wool manufacturers are only able to cater to clients offering most money.

High Transport Cost: Cashmere wool is used by clothes manufacturers from all over the world and are usually not found locally . So cashmere wool being the raw material has to be imported into the country.

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