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Why Cashmere Sweater Easily to Pilling


The mechanism of pilling is: in the process of the yarn […]

The mechanism of pilling is: in the process of the yarn and the sweater of the wearing, by the friction, tension and other external forces, wool yarn in the hair easily hook out the formation of ring or single head off, repeated after the friction, the wool fibers tangled together to form a spherical, pilling ball size depends mainly on the size:

1. The product of low-grade raw materials, short length, uneven fineness, short hairs high, national wool, low-cost hair and other raw materials are the column.

2. Spinning process to control the spinning method, the nature of the fiber and yarn twist determines the number of fibers stretched out of the yarn surface, low-wool wool products, often see the surface of the yarn mixed with a rough root hair, This product is easy to play the ball.

3. Fabric structure Sweater products for the knitwear, the fabric density, the tightness of the coil structure on the sweaters of the pilling also have an impact on the surface of relatively smooth fabric, such as flat knitted fabric, rib fabric anti-pilling performance Than the surface of the fabric structure, such as fat flower fabric, pumping fabric strong.

4. Washing methods and wearing a sweater washing method is sometimes an important reason for pilling, non-marked "machine washable" products must be "carefully hand wash" way to wash, must not be saved into the washing machine in a wash Trouble, because the strong role in the washing machine, friction increased, resulting in pilling from the pilling. Under normal circumstances, the elbow, the two ribs at the friction between the more significant.

Pilling is the commonality of the wool products. Cashmere Yarn in the wearing and use of the process, highlight the fabric surface of the short fibers easily knotted into the ball, affecting the appearance of felt and, especially high-end products are close, soft, smooth demand, which will increase this trend, And raw material properties, spinning and dyeing and finishing process, weaving structure, wearing the way. Raw materials and spinning, dyeing on the ball from the impact is very complex, the mechanism is still in the discussion.