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Washing Procedure of Cashmere Sweater


Soft texture, soft luster, light and warm, a cashmere d […]

Soft texture, soft luster, light and warm, a cashmere dress only about 300 grams, cashmere fiber fineness of about 15 microns, so the fabric pattern dense and thin, and natural curl, loose and air, so warm and good.

Cashmere washing method In general, cashmere clothing is best dry cleaning, such as washing with a step by step.

1, the cashmere sweater from the inside out. The size of the various parts of the size or according to the outline of cashmere sweater, cut the same size and clothing clothing board.

2, if the dirt is serious, first in 35 ℃ foam neutral detergent water soak for 15 minutes -20 minutes. Avoid using enzymes or bleach with chemical additives and lotion and shampoo to prevent erosion fade.

3, gently patted by hand, not rub, so as to avoid the ball or felting.

4, flowers or multi-color cashmere sweater should not soak, different colors of cashmere sweater should not be washed together, so as not to string.

5, with 35 ℃ -40 ℃ warm water wash two or three times, the final water can put some vinegar or softener, feel better. Put the washed cashmere sweater on the swash plate and gently press the water out or put it into the bag and dehydrate it in the dehydration cylinder of the washing machine. And then tiled to dry, do not hang dry, so as not to deformation.

6, in accordance with the pre-cut paperboard, paved the clothes, finishing shape. On the mat wet towel, with the temperature (140 ℃ or so) iron ironing. Iron should not be in direct contact with the cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweater with the above method specifications after washing, do not shrink, no deformation, do not fade. When you collect, be sure to put it in the box.