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Tips for Choosing the Best Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere sweater is still a comfortable staple for autu […]

Cashmere sweater is still a comfortable staple for autumn and winter. From sweaters to coats, cashmere is a perfect way to stay fashionable and warm. But you don't have to pay the highest dollar to experience the luxury of fiber. Before buying some of these affordable alternatives, be sure to do some homework.

Check tag

Ingrid Johnson, Professor of textiles development and marketing at the Institute of fashion technology, said: "the approved seal is which country the cashmere is from?".

The high-end cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia and the low-end is usually from Iran. Check the labels to see whether the clothing is 100% cashmere, or mixed with cotton or wool, many retailers make offsetting prices.

Check inside out

What are some of the usual questions about clothing value under the sweater?. Looking for loose or bulky stitches. The interior is cleaner, smoother, the quality is better.

Avoid a holiday rush

The best time to buy cashmere is before or after the season. "Don't get into trouble in the middle of the festival. Everyone wants to buy cashmere sweaters.","

Give it a tug

Stretch the clothes gently to see if it stays in shape. Low cashmere doesn't bounce, usually bags. Can also be reached through the surface of clothes, to ensure that no immediate or short fiber fleece fuzzy. If the fiber feels slippery, it may soon lose its shape.

Looking for yak

There are also comparable but inexpensive alternatives to cashmere, such as yak fiber. Although few retailers are making products made from yak, we assume a large influx in the near future.

The heavier the better

Denser weight means that the yarn is packed more closely and that the object will wear better and form fewer pills. The lighter it has, the less likely it is to wear. Find a tight knit fabric with at least double layers.

Choose white

Darker fibers are often weaker because they may need to be bleached and then re-painted. These dyes reduce the lushness and softness of the fibers. If you want to buy high-end clothing, please adhere to a lighter color.