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The Way to Wash Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere fiber fine slip waxy, soft and flexible, can e […]

Cashmere fiber fine slip waxy, soft and flexible, can effectively resist the invasion of the outside air and keep the body temperature, so was holding the fiber diamonds, clothing gold! The fiber is relatively small fineness, short length, curl less, so that the fiber in the yarn the line of cohesion on the small, exposed hairiness, in the role of external force easily from the fabric slip and produce puffs from the ball. Therefore, the choice of relatively long length of cashmere fiber can effectively reduce the pilling rate. From the processing technology level, improper processing of raw materials will damage the length of the fiber, excessive suede hair will directly lead to puffs pilling.

Following is the way to cashmere sweater:

1. In the 30-35 ℃ warm water by adding appropriate neutral detergent, such as shampoo, cashmere special detergent, soak for 10-15 minutes. And then beat by hand squeeze, avoid scrubbing force. For serious dirt, it is appropriate to extend the soaking time or directly sent to dry cleaners.

2. Washing is completed, in about 35-40 ℃ warm water several times. Finally, the washed cashmere products are put in a bag and dehydrated in a washing machine for 2 minutes. Do not wring dry to prevent the deformation of cashmere products.

3. After dehydration, pave with cashmere products, mat wet towel after 120 ℃ -140 ℃ steam iron ironing to the original size or fit the size of the size of the iron can not directly contact cashmere products. Cashmere products can be tiled after drying.

4. The propose to single cleaning to avoid the mixture of color of different clothes. Jacquard or gripping clothes to shorten the soaking time and avoid the same color of the same dress.