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The Processing And Transportation of 80% Cashmere Yarn


In the history of Kashmir was once the cashmere distrib […]

In the history of Kashmir was once the cashmere distribution center, cashmere yarn is divided into white cashmere, velvet, purple velvet, the highest value of white cashmere.

80% cashmere is known as soft gold and fabric diamonds, but with the flow of time, cashmere has withdrawn from the expensive veil, has long been flowing into the ordinary people, when a few people respected people unattainable things After the generalization, it becomes a description of another thing, and now the 80% cashmere refers to the texture of fine fine wool textiles, and in fact, popular among the people living in the opening of meters is not a historical sense of cashmere, it is now only Is a chemical fiber products only.

80% cashmere is pressed into bundles, ready for further processing and transportation. The samples were removed from these bales and subjected to mass inspection. Cashmere clothing to know the incredible softness depends on the cashmere hair curl, measured in "curl". But now it is back to the theme of raw wool. It is cleaned before further processing. In this difficult process, it is very important not to mix the sorted hair with the hair that has yet to be classified. After washing disinfecting, combing the traditional handicrafts, you can see here. The machine will comb the cashmere hair, adjust them and deform it. At the end of this step, only the cashmere goat's soft underwear is reserved and ready to rotate.

As a high grade of cashmere products, because of its fine fiber and short, so the product strength, wear, pilling performance and other indicators are not as good wool, it is very delicate, its characteristics really like baby's skin, soft, delicate, Smooth and flexible, but do remember that the delicate and easy to break, improper use, easy to shorten the use of period. Cashmere is a protein fiber, especially susceptible to insect decay, the collection should be washed and dried, and placed an appropriate amount of insect mites, pay attention to ventilation, moisture.