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The Measures of Protecting Cashmere Sweater


Believe that everyone has their own cashmere sweater, b […]

Believe that everyone has their own cashmere sweater, but how to save it is the most important. The first thing is the first thing. Do not hang your sweater. Have you ever tried to hang a sweater and then when you pull it down from the hanger, will it become deformed or stretched on the shoulder? It almost destroyed the shape of the sweater. You can store the sweater in a drawer or any type of storage, from dust / light and so on. A pile of sweaters looked pretty and neatly sitting on the shelves, but letting them exposed to light, the natural fibers fell faster. Depending on your climate, the bug may be a bigger problem or less of the problem, so it is important to be aware of this. Humidity the same thing, you want to make sure you put them in a very dry environment.

During the off-season, the sweater is stored in a sealed container. Maybe you have some heavy wool or cashmere sweater, you give up in the summer months, it's great. My advice is to put them in a way that ensures that the temperature is controlled where the dry, dark place is sealed. I folded the sweater very carefully, put the cedar on it, wrapped in thin paper and sealed with a tape. Then I put it in a plastic bin and raised it with cedar board, then covered the lid.

You can wash your cashmere sweater at once. Fill your bucket with cold water. Do not use warm water / hot water. In general, any type of warm water / heat is the cause of wool and cashmere shrinkage. Put your clothes in a bucket, make it wet, then add several cashmere and wool shampoo (it smells really good). You will want to gently massage the shampoo to the sweater. Think about it as if you were washing your hair. If you do, you will not pull, stretch or twist the sweater, so that it will be deformed. Once you have rubbed the shampoo on the sweater, put it in a bucket and let it soak for an hour or two. When you come back, gently rinse your sweater with cold water.

I know dry cleaning is the easiest way to have many care labels on sweater labels even say "dry clean" but do not do it. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process will decompose natural fibers. Think about it: cashmere sweater is wool, you want to put no chemicals on their hair, so do not dry clean cashmere sweater.