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The Magic of Cashmere Yarn is Not Bulky


Cashmere line refers to the cashmere as raw material an […]

Cashmere line refers to the cashmere as raw material and the production of cashmere products woven with the line. Often a friend asked the difference of "cashmere line and cashmere yarn", the difference is that, in general, cashmere yarn for flat knitting machine production, including hand knitting machine and computer flat knitting machine. The cashmere line is used for hand weaving, appearance and weaving methods and we are most familiar with the same wool and wool. The only difference is that cashmere yarn is used as cashmere, and the practical range of wool and wool is very wide, can be any raw materials, including cotton, wool, acrylic or mohair.

With the improvement of people's living standards, we found a kind of wool warmer stronger, and the weight of a lot lighter than wool, which is cashmere. As a fiber gem or soft gold cashmere, because of its excellent physical properties naturally become the animal fiber in the Queen, her value also let wool and other fibers catch up! Perhaps for this reason, cashmere line has yet to become the mainstream of market consumption.

The best cashmere yarn is made of soft goat of Mongolian goats - this is an elegant white hair, a strong coat that keeps these creatures warm in the winter of East Asia in East Asia. When the spring comes, the goat naturally falls off and then collects, cleans and spun into the yarn. High quality cashmere comes from the best and longest hair, almost entirely from the goat's abdomen and throat, thus forming a warm and durable fabric.

Advanced cashmere improves with age and proper care. It becomes softer, unlike other knits, there will not be much trouble after the first cleaning. Double yarns - meaning that each yarn consists of two twisted together - recommended warm and durable, you should look for a tight knit fabric to help the fabric maintain its shape and strength.

The magic of cashmere yarn is that it is not bulky. Think of your favorite cashmere scarf or sweater ... it is as warm as wool, but more comfortable. The parachute's cashmere throw is the same. So, whether you place it on the couch or add a layer on the bed, rest assured that you have got the best results.