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The Luxury of Huajiana Cashmere Yarn


Cashmere Yarn is the word to arouse the extravagant lux […]

Cashmere Yarn is the word to arouse the extravagant luxury. A simple cashmere clothing will clothing into a high fashion field. But this charismatic and romantic atmosphere sharply contrasts with the world in which the journey begins, and the nomadic shepherds and their animals bear the grim conditions of the world's most intolerant habitat.

It is important to know that there are two large grades of cashmere, making the example of price cuts a fake economy. Asian-made products (usually from China or Mongolia) are usually cheaper. But there are short, thick fibers used to keep prices low and the soft, warm and durable Scottish made products are well known in this fabulous fiber. Non-Scottish costumes are almost always trembling, penetrating, and losing their shape faster. Schttish Cashmere is known as all the most unique products, using only the best raw materials combined with expert and secret skills to refine for centuries.

The origin of cashmere production disappears in the fog of time. Even the Romans cherish it. To the work of four hundred and forty thousand in Shrinigar, Kashmir, weaving beautiful shawls from domestic goats underfleece. Cashmere arrived in Western Europe in the 18th century, designed by the French Napoleon III wife Eugenie design fashion leader.

Every spring of the goats for the hair, soft down close to the rough outside the hair. Goats survived only seven years or so, and at the age of 2-3 first combed. Unlike the cut ordinary wool, the cashmere is carefully hand-combed, the goats and their wives gather several ounces from each animal, scouring their territory with extra plush brushes in roaming rough bushes. This 3-4 week season is a community celebration, full of traditional costumes, a 'harvest festival', then the main income is earned.