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The Important Way to Washing 100% Cashmere


Learning how to clean cashmere will save time, money an […]

Learning how to clean cashmere will save time, money and stress. Try our cashmere brush to keep your sweater between washing and look the best.

Winter on us, it means that cashmere sweater is the main gift of holiday gifts and cold fashion - has returned to the store shelves. Those who plan to buy a book called "100% cashmere" can look forward to a huge price tag; in the banana republic, a sweater is priced at $ 198; in other places, you can find more than $ 500 cashmere sweater. Why is cashmere much more expensive than other wool?

Its expensive production process and scarcity. Cashmere comes from the production of wool goat soft underwear. Need two or more goats to do a double sweater. During the spring molting season, the fibers of the heated primer must be separated from the coarser protective topcoat, which is a labor-intensive process that usually involves combing and sorting hair by hand. These factors lead to a relatively low global productivity of cashmere - about 6,500 metric tons of pure cashmere per year, rather than 2 million tonnes of wool.

It is so expensive and delicate, very easy to destroy when cleaning. So how should we clean it?

Want to know how to clean cashmere without breaking or shrinking? It's much easier than you think is the key to having proper soap and water temperature. Of course not to use a clothes dryer!

Hand wash or machine wash cashmere

Wash the 100% Cashmere yarn on the washing machine using a fine or wool cycle, or manually clean it. Use cold water, if you choose to machine wash, you should consider inserting cashmere into a net bag and then washing for additional protection. This will prevent any clogging or entanglement during the wash cycle. Use wool and cashmere shampoo to make your cashmere perfectly clean without affecting fiber or structural integrity. Place the items flat in their natural shape and dry them. Just now!