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Some Tips For 100% Cashmere Yarn Knitting


This lightweight and soft yarn is a very popular choice […]

This lightweight and soft yarn is a very popular choice for braided cardigan, sweaters and soft lightweight scarves. For a typical adult-sized sweater, use three to four cashmere goats. It is certainly a popular choice, because it is light, feminine elegance.

On the other hand, I would not recommend it for some items that are obviously worn or require regular washing. You can find a child's cashmere sweater may lead to shorter life than normal mayfly.

Cashmere clothing needs more care than wool or alpacas. If you want to stay in good condition for as long as possible, especially if you take into account the price of cashmere, you need to do more work.

Many of the labels in cashmere garments will tell you only dry cleaning. However, if you gently wash, the hand can become softer over time. It certainly depends on your cashmere has been dirty. Use some soft detergent baby shampoo and warm water. The program is very similar to other wool.

Very gentle, do not rub, twist or twist cashmere. You can use your towel to dry your items. Put it on the towel, gently roll, the last drop of water. It is always heavier than usual because it also contains some water.

Do not hang the items dry, otherwise it will distort the shape or shape of the item because of heavy moisture. Let it lie on your bed or a flat surface dry and breathe.

Cashmere may take a few days to completely dry, so if you plan on the upcoming cashmere sweater, please wash your hands and wait patiently.

When your 100% cashmere yarn finally dry, try to avoid folding it into a square. Place the left and right sides one by one vertically, place the arm on the side of the side, and then fold it horizontally.