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Some Real Situation of The Cashmere Yarn


Cashmere yarn in accordance with the production process […]

Cashmere yarn in accordance with the production process is divided into: coarse spinning, worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn. We used handmade needle with cashmere weaving line on the thick spinning yarn, ordinary cashmere sweater is also used with coarse spinning, and spring and summer ultra-thin cashmere fashion, T-shirt and cashmere underwear generally use worsted cashmere yarn. Semi-worsted cashmere yarn is In recent years to develop new products, is being knitted factory to accept and try, the effect is not bad. Coarse yarn is relatively coarse, the count is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32. Semi-worsted yarn is relatively small, relatively high count, generally from 24 to 60. Spinning yarn yarn is relatively small, the count is relatively high, generally from 28 to 120.

Cashmere yarn in accordance with the proportion of raw materials is divided into: 100% cashmere yarn and cashmere blended yarn, cashmere content of 95% of the yarn are all classified as cashmere blended yarn.Currently with the cashmere blended raw materials are silk, cotton, Wool and newly developed milk protein fiber and soybean fiber. According to market needs, there will be more varieties to join.

The so-called 100% cashmere yarn on the market is all false, the line people know that cashmere sweater does not join the antistatic agent and anti-pilling agent is not taking value. Cashmere advantage is soft, slim, close to wearing a sense of no thorns, and this is precisely its shortcomings, in the role of heat and water, cashmere will happen "felt shrink", usually after the cashmere wash is this reason. In the process of wearing, due to perspiration and body temperature, cashmere will be felted, start from the inside of the clothes (contact with the skin), cashmere sweater inside the ball is so produced.

Cashmere yarn must be added antistatic agent and anti-pilling agent, and now these chemicals do not directly join the cashmere sweater, but added to the acrylic, blended in the way into the cashmere yarn, to achieve anti-static clothing, anti-hair The effect of the ball, in the national standard, by adding 5% to 8% acrylic woolen sweater can be called pure cashmere sweater. A little attention to maintenance, a pure cashmere sweater to wear three or five years is not a problem.