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Some Precautions of Cashmere Blended Yarn


Cashmere blended yarn is cashmere yarn, wool, mixed wit […]

Cashmere blended yarn is cashmere yarn, wool, mixed with the textile products. Sometimes not necessarily wool and cashmere will have something else. These are collectively referred to as cashmere blends. The velvet product is made of silk and cashmere blended, it is compatible with the silk fiber bright and pleasing to the eye, shiny soft, moisture breathable, light and smooth, flexible; cashmere fiber fine, light, soft, tough and easy to fade two characteristics Close to wearing. Widely used in autumn and winter underwear suit products.

Pilling is the commonality of the wool products. Cashmere blended yarn fabric in the wearing and use of the process, highlight the fabric surface of the short fibers easily knotted into the ball, affecting the appearance of felt and, especially high-end products are personal, soft, smooth demand, which will increase this trend, from Ball and raw material properties, spinning and dyeing and finishing process, weaving structure, wearing the way. Raw materials and spinning, dyeing on the impact of the ball is very complex, the mechanism is still in the discussion, the ball, the hand or trimmer to remove the ball, you can, the general animal fiber fabric only from the ball once, after leveling , The general will not be the ball again.

Cashmere blended yarn is a kind of protein fiber, it is easy to be moth-eaten, coupled with light and easy deformation, so the collection must be washed before the dry, stacked good bag flat, avoid hanging, so as to avoid hanging deformation. Do not mix with other products with the bag, please in the dark, ventilated, dry place storage, storage, attention to moth, is strictly prohibited moth and cashmere sweater direct contact.

Cashmere products are generally expressed in the washing method, please follow the instructions to wash properly. In general, in addition to defrost processing of cashmere products can be washed with washing machine, the general cashmere products are best to use dry cleaning, but also hand wash. You need to put a dedicated detergent into the water at about 35 degrees Celsius, the clothes into the soak 15-30 minutes after the focus of dirty with the squeeze method of washing, the rest gently patting.