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Properly Wash 80% Cashmere to Extend Its Life


When the chemical treatment is done at the dry cleaners […]

When the chemical treatment is done at the dry cleaners, your sweater is off. Today's smart customers want to be better for their own health and clothing. In the laundry, we spent a few years to improve our eco-friendly product line, our wool and cashmere solution will certainly give you a deep impression. Want to know how to clean cashmere without breaking or shrinking? It's much easier than you think is the key to having proper soap and water temperature. Of course not to use a dryer!

Use the exquisite or wool cycle on the washing machine to wash the 80% cashmere, or manually clean it. Use cold water, if you choose to machine wash, you should consider inserting cashmere into a net bag and then washing for additional protection. This will prevent any clogging or entanglement during the wash cycle. Use wool and cashmere shampoo to give your cashmere perfect cleaning without compromising fiber or structural integrity. Place the items flat in the natural shape and let it dry.

You also need to know some specific details. Before washing, the 80% cashmere should be soaked in cold water for 20-30 minutes, the washing temperature should be below 40 ℃, absolutely can not soak in hot water, because the cashmere fiber in the hot water should occur fiber reduction and elastic landing. Because the cashmere fiber alkali resistance is poor, it should be selected neutral detergent washing, it is best dedicated cashmere detergent. Cashmere sweater collar, cuffs and other dirty places, need to be soaked, coated with a higher concentration of detergent. Take a gently squeeze the way of washing, washing time should not be too long to prevent the fiber in the cashmere sweat each other occlusal occurred.

80% cashmere sweater must be washed and dried before storage. Because cashmere is a protein plant fiber, if not washed on the shelved cashmere sweater, vulnerable to insects. Folded cashmere sweater with a newspaper bag, flat on the carton in the dark, ventilated, boring place cashmere sweater.