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Old Cashmere Sweaters can be Recycled


Cashmere is different from ordinary wool. It is softer, […]

Cashmere is different from ordinary wool. It is softer, more delicate, and eight times warmer than ordinary wool. The best cashmere in the world comes from Mongolia. Cashmere is, in fact, a fine undergarment of Kashmir goats to protect them from the cold winters. That's why cashmere is so warm. Cashmere is harvested In spring when goats take off their thick winter coats.

Craft-lovers like to make everything out of cashmere. There are two ways to recycle cashmere sweaters. One way is to carefully separate at the seams and reuse the items. Craftsman stitches the pieces together and creates a brand new project, such as a blanket. The other way is to unravel the cashmere and use the yarn from scratch to completely create an object. Both of these two methods take time and patience because cashmere is very delicate.

If you are good at sewing, you can make delicate handicrafts and baby supplies. Baby gloves, blankets, boots, and hats made of cashmere are lovely gifts and are popular among environmentally conscious parents. If sewing is not for you, and you are skilled in knitting, you can untangle cashmere garments into cashmere yarns, and weave or crochet these items from scratch. Imagine how soft and delicate a handmade cashmere blanket would be.

It is far more than baby products. You can also create gorgeous blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and quilt squares. Handmade puppy sweaters are usually made of recycled cashmere. Don't forget the socks! Nothing is better than a pair of cashmere socks to keep your feet beautiful and warm in winter.

Before throwing out these old cashmere sweater or other cashmere products, consider getting a recycling method. Even if you don't know how to create something new with an old sweater, others would be happy to take your hand. You can even make some money.