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More Details about Cashmere Yarn


Cashmere wool is sourced from a particular breed of goa […]

Cashmere wool is sourced from a particular breed of goats known as 'Cashmere' (or Kashmir) goats. The best attribute of this fiber is its very refined consistency, making it tough as well as light at the same time. It is very supple to touch. Clothes made out of cashmere yarn keep you incredibly warm while also being very high on comfort and convenience. Another added advantage is that it looks great when made into garments.

The fibers that comprise cashmere yarn are very soft and almost melt in your hands. They are not bulky in terms of weight and are very flexible. This makes it easy to spin it into yarn so that beautiful clothes can be made out of them. Cashmere is available in natural colors consisting of different shades of gray, brown and white.

Cashmere yarn is expensive to produce as it takes one goat four years to grow enough cashmere to make one sweater! Cashmere goats live in mountainous terrain which makes it harder to farm them. To get the cashmere off the goats back and begin to be spun into yarn, the goats must first be combed by hand in the spring. So as you can see, a very time consuming process is necessary to make gorgeous cashmere yarn.

Of course, there are different varieties of cashmere yarns. Generally, finer cashmere is more expensive than coarser varieties. And whiter fibers are more expensive as less color is needed to dye them and a premium is paid for longer fibers. Pilling occurs when an abundance of shorter length fibers have been used to produce a garment. Therefore, investing in a higher quality cashmere item will reduce the chance of pilling.

Cashmere should feel smooth, soft, and luxurious to touch. Good quality cashmere should go back into its original shape after being stretched. Nowadays, many countries including America, Iran, Australia, Afghanistan, China, New Zealand, Mongolia, Scotland, Japan and England produce cashmere yarns.

Cashmere fibers are first spun into cashmere yarn, and then dyed in suitable colors and made into different clothing items like jackets, pullovers, blankets, coats, shawls, socks, hats, and gloves.If you want to see more, you can visit http://www.cashmere-yarns.com