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Knitting Cashmere Yarn Dress Fit The Curve of The Human Body


Knitted cashmere yarn soft, good wrinkle resistance and […]

Knitted cashmere yarn soft, good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and a greater degree of flexibility and flexibility, wearing comfortable. Knitted products in addition to serving and decorative, but also for industrial and agricultural and medical and health and defense and other fields. Knitting sub-knitting and machine knitting two categories. Hand knitting using a needle, has a long history, skilled, flower-shaped flexible, widely spread in the folk and development. Knitting dress is the use of the advantages of knitting was made out.

Knitting dress is made of coils connected to each other through the fabric, is a large variety of fabrics. Knitted fabrics with good flexibility, moisture permeability, comfortable and warm, is the most widely used children's clothing fabrics, raw materials are mainly linen wool and other natural fibers, but also nylon, acrylic, polyester and other chemical fiber knitted fabric changes in rich variety , With the appearance of unique, in the past used for underwear, T-shirts, etc., and now, with the development of the knitting industry and the birth of new finishing process, knitted fabric performance greatly improved, almost all applicable to children's clothing category.

Knitted fabrics with good flexibility, in the design of the model can be minimized for the design of the joints, pleats, stitching and so on. Second, the general use of knitted fabrics should not be used to push, pull the skills of modeling, but the use of the elasticity of the fabric itself or the appropriate use of pleated approach to the treatment of human body curve. Then the size of the scalability of the fabric has become a model in the design of an important basis. Therefore, knitting dress is better able to adapt to the curve of the human body.

Knitting dress in the washing time, soaking time can not be too long, to avoid fabric fade. In the process of drying, to avoid exposure to avoid dark clothing fade, in the sun drying, the inside out. Be sure to wash with other clothing, do not put together with the wash. Do not twist dry, avoid wrinkling. White knit dress can be used alkaline washing detergent high temperature washing, from the bleaching effect.