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Best Method For Washing Cashmere Sweater


In general, in addition to defrosting processed cashmer […]

In general, in addition to defrosting processed cashmere sweater can be washed with a washing machine, the cashmere sweater is best to use dry cleaning, such as washing with water, the steps are as follows:

1. The cashmere sweater from the inside out, check whether there is a serious stain, if so, made a mark. The best size of the various parts or according to the outline of cashmere sweater, cut the same size and the size of clothing paper.

2. If any serious dirt, the first 35 degrees in the neutral foam lotion soaked in water for 15-30 minutes. Avoid the use of enzymes or bleach the chemical additives of the lotion and shampoo, cream, to prevent erosion fade.

3. If dirty is not serious, the neutral scrub into 35 degrees warm water, until the bubble into the clothing. Gently pat on hand.

4. Jacquard or multi-color cashmere sweater more difficult to soak, so as not to string.

4. Jacquard or multi-color cashmere sweater more difficult to soak, so as not to string. 5. Wash with 35-40 ℃ warm water 2-3 times, the last water can put some vinegar or softener, feel better. Put the washed cashmere sweater folded on the swash plate hand pressure will be squeezed out of water or into the bag, net bag in the washing machine dehydration tube dehydration.

6. in accordance with the pre-cut paper type, the pave the way, finishing shape. With the temperature of the steam iron ironing, iron should not be directly pressed on the cashmere sweater above, with other iron dry hot, must be wet mat towel.

7. If you want to feel better when wearing, you can usually like shampoo with baking oil when the same baked cashmere sweater, and then clean and dry can be. After the dry cashmere sweater can be dried in two ways: (1) cashmere sweater sets of hanger after the sleeves are hanging clothes racks, dry (2) the cashmere sweater flat on the table with a bed paved , According to the size of the record hand-made, hand-beat straight, natural dry. One of the above options, dry after the soft and fresh cashmere sweater.

8. Household washing. Cashmere sweater usually wear, when the evening of their own rest, so that cashmere sweater also rest. Hand pinch collar and cuffs, let it rest rest, so that the next day more tangible. Cashmere sweater is best to wear two weeks or so, pick the right time for a little dry; continuous wear after four weeks, should be cleaned and finished once. Home cleaning cashmere sweater is generally more suitable for washing.