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How to wash cashmere clothing?


Cashmere sweater is our warm jacket, which gives us war […]

Cashmere sweater is our warm jacket, which gives us warm and health. With a cashmere clothing, we no longer have to wear too fat to move, and to worry about catch a cold because of wearing too little. At the same time, however, we also need to care about our warm jacket. In addition to correct washing, it also is necessary to pay attention to collection matters. The cashmere sweater should be integrally folded and smoothly placed, storing it in a lucifuge, ventilated, dry place.

Step 1
Put the cashmere sweater in warm water between 30 ℃ -35 ℃. Add some neutral detergent to the water, such as special cashmere detergent, shampoo, and other neutral mild washing products.
Soak for 13 minutes or so, and then gently squeeze the cashmere sweater. Avoid forceful scrubbing. If the cashmere sweater is very dirty, extend the soak time, but it is best no to exceed 30 minutes.

Step 2
After washing, rinse the cashmere sweater with 35℃-40℃ warm water for several times to wash out the detergent. Directly hanging the cashmere sweater under the sun will lead to deformation and affect its warmth. So it is necessary to dehydration after washing. Put the cashmere in a mesh bag for dehydration for 2 minutes. It also is not allowed to twist the sweater and then dry in the sun.

Step 3
After dehydration, smoothly put the cashmere sweater under a wet towel, use steam iron to iron the sweater with the temperature between 120℃-140℃. This way, it can avoid deformation of the cashmere sweater, and it can tiled to dry.

Step 4
When washing cashmere sweater, it is better to wash piece by piece. Avoid washing cashmere sweaters with different colors at once, especially for those low-quality cashmere sweaters, as they may fade, and the cross colors will affect the appearance of a cashmere sweater. Huajiana has over 30 years experience in producing cashmere sweater without any fading or decoloration problem, so you are need to worry about cross color problem. However, it is unsure that whether the other branded cashmere sweater will fade or not, it is better to wash them piece by piece.