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How to Take Care Of Cashmere Shawls


Cashmere Yarn is expensive and subtle, which means the […]

Cashmere Yarn is expensive and subtle, which means the need for cleaning and care if it will last for years and years.

Luckily, through a few simple steps to keep your cashmere shawls or scarves look hard to make sure that over time it becomes softer and more luxurious.

When used, your cashmere shawl or scarf may often need to be cleaned. There are two basic ways to clean cashmere. The first method is to send your cashmere shawl to professional dry cleaning. Dry cleaning before the dry cleaning staff to confirm the experience of clean cashmere.

The second method is to clean the cashmere by hand. This is a step-by-step process: with a small shampoo, such as baby shampoo, carefully hand wash gloves or scarves. Soak your cashmere in cold water, can not use hot water, gently wash. Do not stretch or scrub when washing - gently massage. Rinse the clothes and let the natural dry. Gently press our wet shawl water, smooth it, and place it on a clean bath towel.

Do not twist or twist the cashmere, otherwise it will damage the fiber. Do not put your cashmere in the clothes dryer after washing it, as it will shrink and damage. For cashmere, the heat is very poor, but if you really need to smooth the crease after drying, you can use iron at the lowest calories. Once done, your cashmere will be ready to wear again - clean, more softer than ever before.

Pilling is a natural process, even for high quality cashmere. When your cashmere new product, there may be a little bit of removal of excess fiber. Pill is a small ball of fiber, usually in the area of friction began to collect on the shawl.

This is a natural phenomenon that will decrease over time and make your cashmere feel softer. A common way to start stopping or reducing pilling is to wash your hands carefully or professionally dry clean cashmere.

You can store it in a closet or drawer to protect your cashmere shawl or scarf. Please make sure your cashmere is clean and tidy before storage.

A good tip is to separate cashmere from other clothes, use thin paper or in a ziplog package. It is always a good idea to keep cashmere away from heat and direct sunlight to keep the color and luxury of cashmere fabrics.