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How to store cashmere sweater?


Cashmere is a kind of delicate protein fiber, which is […]

Cashmere is a kind of delicate protein fiber, which is the favorite “nutrition” of moths. Those uncontaminated proteins are particularly preferred by moths.

Skill 1
Before storage, keep the clothes clean and tidy. Clean, tidy cashmere clothing will prohibit moths. On the contrary, fat, sweaty clothing will attract moths. Before seasonal storage, the cashmere clothing must be cleaned.

Skill 2
When storing, seal the clean clothing in plastic bags, and place them in the closet. The wardrobe can be put with some moderate moth tablets, however, avoid the tablets directly contacting the cashmere, which will damage the cashmere, causing unnecessary deterioration and fading. Therefore, it is better to pack the moth tablets with a few layers of paper to avoid contacting the cashmere.

Skill 3
During storage, keep a dry, ventilated environment. Humid environment is a breeding ground for moths, so always keep the storage space dry and ventilated. In addition, it is better the store the cashmere clothing in a wardrobe, and the door should be opened for a few times a week to ventilate.

Skill 4
Cotton, linen, silk, and other natural materials are the best partner for cashmere storage. During storage, they can be put in the same case, but avoid storing these natural materials together with Nylon and other artificial fiber clothing. Also, do not put heavy winter clothing on the cashmere clothing, such as cotton-padded clothes, tweed coat, etc.

Skill 5
Autumn and winter are the peak period of wearing cashmere sweater. Therefore, during this period, it is recommended to change the cashmere sweater every two to three days, and hang it in a ventilated place in fine weather. Gently tap it to deflavour and dehumidificate. Cashmere fiber is easy to pill, the pill can be removed using scissor or shaver.