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How to Choose Cashmere Sweater to Buy


Cashmere sweater is pine structure, easy to play the ba […]

Cashmere sweater is pine structure, easy to play the ball and easy to felt hair knit products, consumers in the purchase of cashmere sweater, you can refer to the following points to avoid unnecessary trouble.

1. Identify the label. When purchasing a cashmere sweater, first check the label, especially the durability of the clothes into the clothes, such as: the product of fiber content, specifications, washing methods and so on. For those products that have the "Wool Wash", "Machine Wash", "Only Dry Clean", "Easy to Care", "Super Fine Merino Fleece" and other labels, Tags can help understand the product's wearing performance and washing requirements, the cashmere sweater in particular to see the content of cashmere fiber, so as not to buy counterfeit and pseudo-products. The same time as the above-

2. look and see. Hand mold: cashmere sweater feel smooth waxy, light weight, wear on the body without "taut" feeling. See: buy gently pull the cashmere sweater at the seams, to see whether there is a seam, missing needle, holes and other defects in the main parts of whether there are thick section, details, thickness block, on the fight, Product to see if there is a stain and pick color, size of the clothes on the spot asked the amount of sales staff to prevent the size of the clear and the actual does not match.

3. choose properly. Should be based on the requirements of wearing to choose. General coarse imitation products more sophisticated products easy to play the ball, suede foot thirty thousand products, that is, touch the hands of the hairy feeling of the product easier to play the ball, and the structure of the product is not easy to play the ball, and shrinkage is also small, cashmere The pilling of the shirt affects the beauty, but it does not have much impact on the inner quality.

4. Attention to wear washing and maintenance. Cashmere sweater and jacket between the friction opportunities and more parts, such as: cuffs, upper and lower sides and so easy to play the ball. In the washing should be strictly in accordance with the washing label express method, the use of neutral detergent. Such as high water temperature and the use of alkaline detergent, improper washing will lead to sweater felt. Cashmere sweater pass after the timely cleaning, 'stall dry', add a good collection of mothproof agent. 7-8 months each year when the sun weighed, when the borers spawning period, we must take cover cloth and other measures, or can easily cause the consequences of being moth.