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How to Choose a High Quality Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere is a very good, very special wool that is uniq […]

Cashmere is a very good, very special wool that is unique to other materials. These goats live in mountainous areas of Mongolia and northern China, with temperatures ranging from 0 to -30 degrees Celsius. When the weather gets warmer, the goat will naturally molt; herders and peasants can only comb the hair from the short of the goat, because that's the best, longest and most white thread. Any high quality cashmere sweater can only be made from the bottom line, hair length should be more than 36mm. Ideally, the coat is ideally kept - of course, modern manufacturers also harvest this part, although the material is thicker, the thread is shorter, and can easily be mixed with other hairs floating in it.

The price tag is not always a good indicator, but that's a good start. If a sweater costs $ 20 and claims to be "made from 100% pure cashmere", please check the label and see how much sweater is actually the percentage of cashmere. It is usually just a mixture of cashmere composition less than half of the total clothes. Any less than 30% of people will not feel all the cashmere. Target at least 85%.

The most common cashmere yarn is a double yarn, which means that the two yarns are tightly wound together to form a stronger yarn. The double layer is more durable than the single layer, because it is not easy to absorb, the density will make the wearer more warm. Single-layer cashmere is thinner, cheaper, but also more durable. Those who enjoy soft cashmere but live in hot areas may prefer monolayer. At the same time, four, six, eight, or even twelve yarns exist, the main selling price is much higher - usually in the colder winter climate, because the original cashmere weight is sold.

If you buy properly, cashmere sweater can last a lifetime. Buyers should study before buying and ask the right questions, including material mixing and layers so that they can find a good product.