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How to Check the Cashmere Shawl After Buying II


Last week, I tell you 4 simple ways to check your cashm […]

Last week, I tell you 4 simple ways to check your cashmere shawl. This article will introduce you another 4 ways to check.

Check the level and size. Size is really important The higher the price, the higher the size. If someone tries to sell a bigger size at a cheaper price, you will definitely be cheated. For shawls, follow the standard size of thirty-six eighty inches. Want to know what is the layer so that this is woven together in the fabric. When using multiple strands, you need to check the layers. 2 layers using 2 shares, 3 layers and 3 shares. This is something that makes clothes thicker. For shawls and scarves, they always keep a low level.

Perform a friction test. This is the easiest test to check the authenticity of the clothes. You only need to rub something, you will know if it is pure. But you need to know the logic behind it to understand how it works. Acrylic or polyester fabrics accumulate in their static electricity. So when you rub them, they will sparks. You can even see it in the dark, which is very visible. And the use of plastic made of clothes will produce the same electrostatic attraction of hair or dust or some kind of particles. When you rub your clothes, it will show what it is. If it is acrylic or polyester, you will hear the spark, if it is plastic, it will attract tiny objects.

Pilling test. This is another easy way. What you need to do is see if there are some pilling in the product. If a product offers 100% of the fabric, you will use it to find a lot of pilling, which is the natural feature of the fabric, but if there is no pilling, you have bought a fake product.

never stick a thing on real cashmere. Glue won’t stand on it for long.

Check if it has pasted anything. Only the fake material will be accompanied by a kind of paste on the label or label, which is impossible on the cashmere. You can never stick a thing on a real cashmere. Glue will not exist long on the cashmere.