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Dress In Latest Cashmere Yarn Have A Trendy Look


In winter, people look forward to wearing woolen clothe […]

In winter, people look forward to wearing woolen clothes to protect their skin from cold weather. Cashmere clothing, cashmere yarn is the king of woolen clothing. These woolen fibers are harvested from cashmere goats. Such fiber material is high valuable fiber material because of high quality of fiber material. These woolen skirts are famous all over the world, where the textile industry are there to design and produce people's clothes and accessories. China, in particular, is producing nearly 60% of the woolen in the world.

Compared with other clothing materials, cashmere clothing has unique characteristics. Such fiber material is cylindrical, and has the nature of wire mesh, very soft. At the same time, the woolen material is lighter in weight. Cashmere material has several colors of white, brown, black and pink, fray and gray which is very soft. These woolen materials are used to make some accessories for people to use. They can be used to make sweaters, socks, scarves, hats, shawls, woolen shoes, quilts and so on. At the same time, these cashmere materials should be treated carefully for cleaning. Clothes must be washed under normal conditions and even washed by hand. These clothes must be cleaned by some special detergent in water at 35 degrees C and must be soaked in water within 20-30 minutes. These wool materials come in different grades, called fiber, staple fiber yarn and tow. Similarly, clothing with these wool materials requires careful attention because sometimes the chance of pilling due to local friction is possible. Sometimes, when the material is worn, the outer embroidery of the garment can be spliced. It is worth noting that if you wear these wool clothes outside, you must concentrate and reduce the friction between the woolen material and the hard material near the people.