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Distinguish cashmere and cashmere imitation


Cashmere imitation "Cashmere imitation" is the imitatio […]

Cashmere imitation
"Cashmere imitation" is the imitation of cashmere. It is a acrylic fiber treated by special process to make it smooth, soft, and colorful like a cashmere. When wearing, it has a significant electrostatic phenomenon. The cost of this material is low, so there are a large amount of cashmere imitation fabrics available in the market, with price normally below 100 yuan.
Pong cashmere

"Pong cashmere" are cheap products that being put the name of cashmere, as if they are a class of cashmere, in order to sell a good price. The most typical types are sheep cashmere, lamb cashmere, eco-cashmere, plant cashmere, baby cashmere, etc. Sheep cashmere and lamb cashmere acturally are wool, and the others are chemical fibers.
Fake cashmere

"Fake cashmere" is usually the mixture of cashmere with cony hair, wool, and chemical fiber (viscose or nylon) , or it even completely free of cashmere. It is soft an feels like a cashmere, but it will pill and slip after wearing, some people may even have allergic reactions. The price of this "cashmere" price is very cheap.

Method 1 Look at the color
Cashmere imitation has bright colors, looks like chemical fibers. While cashmere has soft colors with the natural luster of animal fibers.

Method 2 Touch and feel
Cashmere imitation products are smooth yet soft, flexible yet fluffy. While cashmere is skin-friendly and has good hygroscopicity, it gives a soft feeling for skin touch.

Method 3 Observe the ash
After burning, the chemical fiber of cashmere imitation shows as colloidal, while cashmere shows as ash. However, a large amount of wool inside the cashmere imitation will show the same characteristic as cashmere after burning, only a small amount of chemical fiber particles can be revealed.

Method 4 Observe the fiber
Fiber is the most important method to identify true and false cashmere. The chemical fibers mixed among the cashmere imitation and fake cashmere are long and straight without any curl, and is not easy to break. However, natural cashmere fibers have significant curl, and the length is short.

Method 5 compare price
In addition to the above four methods, comparing the price is also an intuitive standard to identify true and false cashmere. This rare, precious fiber is priced on gram, and will never be cheap.