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Differences Between Various Blankets


There are a variety of blankets on the market today. Th […]

There are a variety of blankets on the market today. The most common used are wool, cotton, fleece and poly cotton blend. There are also some luxury blankets are available. They are silk, cashmere and chenille.

Now, I will explain the composition of other blankets available on the market today and help you search for blankets that will meet all your bedroom needs.

Chenille carpet consists of rayon, cotton, acrylic and some other materials. Chenille refers to the way in which the fabric is woven. Small lengths of filament are combined into two or more pieces powerful yarns. The pieces is that give chenille a soft and luxurious pile. I strongly recommended you to make this carpet professionally cleaned. If the hand or machine washed and wants the machine to dry, use lay flat or low heat to prevent it from elongation due to its heavy substance characteristics.

Silk blankets are usually filled with high quality silk fibers and have a satin surface. They are very soft, fluffy, smooth and comfortable. Silk blankets are elegant and are usually used as baby blankets. They are a good choice for a friend who has just had a baby. If you're looking for a washable one rather than looking for 100% mulberry silk floss. You can also buy silk quilts. This product should be soft, fluffy, odor free, and quite durable.

Cashmere blankets come from domesticated cashmere goats. The wool is exceptionally soft and light and soft in texture. A cashmere blanket will keep you warm, but you need to be very careful. I strongly recommended you to make them professionally cleaned. This blanket is very luxurious, can be worth your time and attention, and on the high side as far as the cost.