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China 100% Cashmere Yarn is an Expensive Fiber


The China 100% cashmere yarn is made from the soft prim […]

The China 100% cashmere yarn is made from the soft primer of the goat. Although there is a specific cashmere goat breed, but as long as their hair and down is the correct micron measurement, you can use many different types of goats to produce China 100% cashmere.

Every year the goats are grooming, combing the coat, or taking it off, and then removing the product from the hair. The finest fibers are beautifully: the world's finest cashmere is 16 microns in diameter. (For comparison, Merino wool can be between 18-24 microns and placed in perspective, averaging between 50-75 microns.) Once collected, the fibers are cleaned and ready to be spinning Yarn, or added to the mixture.

Most of the world's China 100% cashmere comes from China and Mongolia, but also in Iran, Afghanistan, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. It is said that the best cashmere from the most uncomfortable terrain to develop the goats, those who love the goat will not really need and live in the cold goats like the production down!

Historically, the production of cashmere is as old as the hills. For thousands of years, in Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir (where modern cashmere came from) has produced cashmere, as well as commemorating the cashmere production of the 3rd century BC. Over the past five hundred years, its popularity has soared in Europe, where it has been transported and rotated: in short, it has been a precious fiber.

China 100% cashmere is an expensive fiber because its production is labor intensive, but its benefits far exceed its cost. It is much warmer than sheep's wool, much soer and more durable than Merino mutton. Cashmere clothing should not be a pill, if you take care of it, it should last for some time. So what is the best way to put cashmere into your knitting every day?