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China 100% Cashmere Has A Perfect Look


The cashmere material is soft and should fit your body, […]

The cashmere material is soft and should fit your body, while other materials may be harder and contrary to your contours. When you stretch the garment from the side, the shape should spring back automatically. If not, that is a clear indication that it is not purely. Weaving should also be a tight weave and theoretically, according to the style, you should not see your hand through suture. Another sign is a seam. Parts like cuffs and collars are woven into materials, and cheaper brands splice them together, just like collages.

Pure China 100% cashmere is the case, only the best cashmere wool can make the best line. When something is not pure cashmere, it means there is another kind of woolen woven material, such as wool, wool, camel hair, synthetic fiber. There is no controversy that can make some beautiful jumper, it may feel warm and warm, but when you pay pure cashmere prices, you want pure cashmere. Not all people are cashmere experts, do not realize or understand what they are looking for. So there are some tips to help you find the real thing.

The quality of the China 100% cashmere line means that their durability will last for a long time. The secret of cashmere is that wool is actually getting better and better with age, and when a cheaper line starts to take the ball and looks strange, the cashmere line will still have a perfect look.

China 100% cashmere is a thin and curved fiber, which contains a lot of air, and the formation of air layer, can prevent the invasion of cold air, keep the body temperature will not be reduced. Cashmere is much lighter than wool, outer scales are also finer than wool, smooth, so light weight, soft and tough. Especially suitable for making underwear, personal wear, light, soft, soft, slippery, very comfortable, is any fiber can not match.