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Cashmere You Should Know


As we all know, cashmere is a soft fabric made of cashm […]

As we all know, cashmere is a soft fabric made of cashmere goat’s wool. The best cashmere comes from their jaws or throats where the wool is softer than elsewhere.

There are several cashmere garments, such as cashmere sweaters, scarves, suits, coats, gloves, dresses, and even coats. Cashmere is usually white, gray, or brown, but it can also be dyed in various colors. It is also known as one of the most luxurious fibers in the world. Compared to other fabrics, it is a kind of "breathing" fiber, such as acrylic fibers of man-made fibers. Another advantage of cashmere is that the ignition is slow and the ESD is very low.

Most people like cashmere garments because they are soft and absorb moisture, which makes clothes suitable for any season or climate. It is also popular because it can be used in both male and female clothing. Male cashmere sweaters have many styles, such as V collar and crew neck. The most popular male cashmere sweater is the crew neck, as it fits in the shirt below, which can be used for casual or business attire.

Female cashmere sweaters can also come in different styles, such as round neck, V collar, turtle neck, Polo neck. For the two type, most of them are of the same type, which relates to the collar type of wool collar. Cashmere is also popular because it is one of the few warm fabrics and is also light and comfortable.

Most of the clothes made of cashmere are pretentious because they usually have to wash by hands, and be carefully taken care of, use cold water and use fine soap. Of course, this may vary, but it is recommended that you follow the cleaning instructions on the label. And because everything has at least one drawback, cashmere wool is defective. It tends to shrink, which is why it's recommended to wash by hands. It is also attacked by moths over other types of fabrics, so it's best to use insect repellent to deal with your cashmere sweater.