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Cashmere sweater shrunk how to do


In winter, in order to keep warm, many people will wear […]

In winter, in order to keep warm, many people will wear a warm cashmere sweater, but the cashmere sweater after washing is easy to shrink, after the cashmere sweater shrink how to restore it?

Steam stretching method. Shredded cashmere sweater can try to use steam hot iron heating, and then elongated shrinking place, with a towel padded, slowly lying down the air, so you can restore the cashmere sweater.

Thick paperboard qualitative method. If the sweater shrunk too much, it need a cardboard to match the stereotypes. It is best in accordance with the original cashmere shirt cut, the thick cardboard set in cashmere sweater, with a clip fixed, the best with hot steam to use.

Dry cleaners. In the dry cleaners inside and can find the same type of clothes and special shelves, the cashmere sweater hanging with high temperature steam treatment, cashmere sweater can be restored to the original size of the.

Amanian water reduction method. The family of Ammonia water diluted to the water, the cashmere sweater into the soak for fifteen minutes or so, you can gently pull the reduced part of the hand, and then rinse with cold water, semi-dry when the shape of the pull. However, Ammonia water has broken the cashmere sweater ingredients, it is recommended caution.

Shaping method. This method is best to have a body shape of the plastic model, and then cashmere sweater big. Or you can find some hard board to hold large. If you want to quickly solve the iron can be hot about. This method can guarantee the best shape of the cashmere sweater.