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Cashmere Sweater Is The Need To Pay Attention


Cashmere sweater is the most expensive sweater category […]

Cashmere sweater is the most expensive sweater category, the appearance of fine plump, feel soft waxy slide, wearing a light and comfortable, warm and good, when the ride or wear and are appropriate.

Cashmere is a goat in the winter, in order to resist the cold in the goat hair roots at the growth of a layer of fine, rich fluff. The more cold the weather, the more velvet rich, the longer the fiber grows. Therefore, with cashmere fiber processing cashmere sweater has a strong warmth. Hygroscopicity, comfortable to wear. Cashmere moisture absorption capacity is the strongest of all fibers, moisture regain of about 15%. Cashmere sweater can wear in the outside world under the conditions of variable temperature, automatic moisture, with a good sweat effect, and with the human skin quickly adjust the skin for the physiological physiological temperature.

Cashmere sweater in the processing process through a special velvet finishing, sweater surface exposed layer of fine velvet, hand feel soft and delicate slippery waxy, suede full. Cashmere sweater if close to wear, contact with the human skin, no itchy feeling.

As the wool fiber structure is unique, can wrap the air up, and the air is hot bad conductor, so the high wool content of the clothes will be very warm. While the density of wool is very light, compared with other materials, clothes, in the same volume, the sweater will be much thinner. In addition, long-term wearing pure cashmere sweater on the skin to play a certain nutritional effect.

Cashmere sweater to wear with its matching coat lining to be smooth, pocket the use of hard objects such as pen, key cases, mobile phones, etc., to avoid local friction from the ball. Wear as much as possible to reduce the friction with the hard objects (such as sofa backrest, handrails, desktop) and hook. Wearing time is not too long, about 5 days to stop wearing or wear, so that clothing to restore elasticity, so as to avoid damage to fiber fatigue.