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Cashmere characteristics


1. Slim, soft and warm. Cashmere is the finest of anima […]

1. Slim, soft and warm.
Cashmere is the finest of animal fibers, Arbas cashmere fineness is generally between 13um-15.5um,  highnatural curl, closely arranged in the spinning weaving, the cohesion is good, and is 5-2 timeswarmer than wool. Cashmere fiber surface is small and smooth, and there is an air layer between the fibers, so it is light weight and feels smooth.

2. Natural soft color.
Cashmere fiber fineness is uniform and dense, and the cross-section is regular circular with strong hygroscopicity, that can fully absorb the dye without fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere has advantages of natural, soft, pure, bright and so on.

3. Flexible, elastic.
Because of its number of crimps, crimp rate, and curl recovery rate are large, cashmere fiber is suitable for processing full, soft, elastic knitwear, comfortable and natural for wearing, with good reduction characteristics, especially after washing.