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Blended Cashmere Sweater as Good as Pure Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere sweater can be used in many different styles, […]

Cashmere sweater can be used in many different styles, from a large cardigan can be nestled to the smart cut cardigan, you can add a chic appearance for any equipment. Pure cashmere is the material that people like, which is the most luxurious, but sometimes blended cashmere can match.

The most common material blended with cashmere is silk and cotton. These garments have other characteristics compared to pure cashmere. Silk, when mixed with cashmere, give the material a shiny, otherwise there will be no, add to the texture and look. However, because it is harder material, it also makes it slightly heavier. With its original lightness, which makes the material more prominent than the original function. This mixture can still produce soft, warm clothes, and looks and feel as luxurious as before.

When mixed with cotton, most of the features of pure cashmere are there. The only difference in quality is warmth. Cotton helps to produce colder clothes and does not keep too much heat. These feel and appearance can still match those with silk and even purely mixed feeling and appearance.

However, a huge difference between blended cashmere and pure cashmere is the price. Pure cashmere usually falls at a higher price, while blended cashmere is cheaper, depending on the secondary material used.

Other types of wool are also often blended with cashmere, causing prices to fall. Wool mixes can still make a good cardigan, but the feeling of other wool is often thicker than cashmere, so you can make clothing heavier and harder, giving it a more rough feeling. This feature is also a good way to tell if a piece of clothing is pure, as some retailers may advertise as a pure cashmere cardigan and ask for higher prices, and in fact, this item is a wool blended - some cashmere hobbies Need to pay attention when shopping.

So blended cashmere and pure cashmere can be as good, with similar quality and characteristics. But in order to benefit from everything provided by cashmere, there is nothing to defeat the luxury of pure cashmere sweater.