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How to Check the Cashmere Shawl Before Buying I


When you decide to buy a cashmere shawl to keep warm, H […]

When you decide to buy a cashmere shawl to keep warm, Huajiana is the best choice. With the immoral people to fill the market, you may buy inferior products. You can carry out some simple tests to identify pure cashmere fluffy shawl fakes. Before you actually buy, you can test the authenticity of the product.

Check its appearance. Although sometimes there is a slight luster, but in most cases, the authentic shawl is dull. If it is shiny, check the shiny parts. If only a small part of the shiny as possible, but if it's a large area of luster, then you do not choose the right fabric!

The lower is the micron count the lighter and softer will be the product.

Looking for diameter. This is one of the best ways. In fact, an authentic manufacturer will mention the diameter, if not mentioned, it is not authentic. Its that simple. So what should be the diameter? The best level can be used for 14-15.5 microns. Do not buy anything more than 19 microns in diameter. The lower the micron count, the lighter the product is.

Check weave. Pure velvet cashmere shawl will always be hand-woven. So it will have an irregular weave. Keep the shawl reflective and it will be easy to see the irregular place.

To burn test. This is a tough one because you do not want to destroy your shawl, but you can always choose a thread from the edge, it will not damage the material, it will not damage the design, and you will be able to carry out the purity test. Now, you only need to put the fabric on some ceramic or steel pot, without the cover to cover, you can also use the microwave safety board. Once the cloth on the plate, just light it, let it burn. You must see it burn and smell the smell, and check your ashes with your fingertips. If you get a burning smell, the ashes are a powdery substance, then it is more likely to be pure. But if it smells the way the burning leaves will do and there is a bigger flame to consume it, hea you are cheated, it is viscose fiber. Again, if it produces a vinegar smell or smell like burning plastic, the ashes form small pieces, which is also the wrong thing. It can be acrylic or polyester.